Who am I?

My name is Johanna. I am originally from Paris, but Bordeaux is my adopted home town since 2015.

Working as a stylist and clothing designer was not my first profession, but one thing is sure: I have always loved making things with my hands. I was always creating objects when I was little.

Of all the materials I have used and all the techniques I have tried, in the end, sewing is what I like best--working with shapes and volumes, aesthetic choices (harmony between different colours, materials and forms), and the minutia of working by hand.

With a post-grad degree under my belt and after just one year in the wonderful world of work, I decided to go back to school to add some creative strings to my bow: first in fashion design (a full-time course at Greta de la Mode in Paris, plus internships at Chloé and Les Prairies de Paris), and then in graphic design (evening classes at the Mairie de Paris).

But finding a job that combines all of that is no easy task. Inspired by excellence in craftsmanship, I found my way to the luxury industry. For 8 years, I held a thrilling position combining sales and project management.

But I missed creating with my hands.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I discovered the blogosphere and was immediately hooked: it was the perfect place to weave together making things by hand, graphic design and photography. All the things I love.

I started my blog in March 2013.

At that point, everything started gaining momentum.

My designs were meeting with modest success, but creating patterns alone in my little corner was getting frustrating.

I had the idea: to start my own pattern brand. And my enthusiasm was growing.

All I needed was to make the leap. Our leaving Paris was the nudge: I started my pattern brand in 2015.

Since then... Well, I do not have words for how glad I am that I made that decision! 

My values

If sewing inspires me so profoundly, it is surely in reaction to our “disposable" society: a way of avoiding frenetic consumption, less buying of passing fads, and focusing on quality over quantity.

Sewing is also the best way to clear your mind while doing something for yourself, and reconnecting with an ancestral craft in a world saturated with all things virtual.