Can I cut my fabric directly after buying it?

Before using fabric, it is preferable to avoid any future shrinkage by washing or soaking it, and then pressing it while still moist.

How do I position my pieces on the fabric?

Start by folding your fabric in half, right sides together, selvedge to selvedge. Position the pattern pieces on it, in line with the grain and in accordance with the fold position. Secure them in place with pins or weights. Transfer all notches by cutting small slots in the fabric. Always cut a notch at the fold line for pieces cut on the fold. Use an awl or chalk to transfer markings on the inside of a piece (such as a button position, end of a dart, length of a closed pleat, pocket placement, etc.).

What is the purpose of the cutting layout ?

In addition to showing you how to optimally position the pieces on your fabric, it indicates how many of each piece you need to cut, which pieces require interfacing, and the seam allowances.

Please note that the positioning shown in the cutting diagram is for information only. Exact placement of the pattern pieces will depend on the size you select.

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