Pronunciation: Sc[É™]mmit

What if I told you that "scämmit” is an actual word with a distinct meaning? It truly is, in my family, at least!!!

It is a word that my elder sister made up when I was a kid, to define a feeling that no other word captures as well. Ever since then, it has been a part of our family vocabulary.

To be scämmit is to be in a certain mood: it has to do with feeling cosy, in complete peace, well-being and security, when you are totally in your bubble, all in connection with an activity that absorbs and fulfills you to your core. In other words, exactly me in my moments of intense pattern-making, choosing fabrics, and everything to do with sewing. It is a sort of creative state, a combination of little things that add up to a whole--something like the "hygge" that is so dear to the Danish.

What about you? Are you scämmit???