You have purchased or are interested in purchasing a sewing pattern in PDF format but are not sure how it works. The information below will explain and help you take a decision.

What is a PDF sewing pattern?

It is a sewing pattern in electronic format. Simply download it, open it with Acrobat Reader, print and reassemble it by taping together the different sheets (A4 , A3 and sometimes US Letter formats).

Why PDF patterns ?

PDF patterns save time (the moment you make your purchase, the pattern is already in your hands) and money (because you do the printing). They are also easy to work with: you can cut them directly to the desired size with no tracing, and the paper--as sturdy as your printer paper--facilitates the fabric cutting phase. 

How soon will I receive my PDF pattern?

If you pay by card, you will immediately receive an email that contains a link enabling you to download your purchases (please check your spam or junk mail folder!).

If you pay by wire transfer, the orders are manually approved upon receipt of payment. The account is checked 3 times per week on average (only on business working days). The order confirmation triggers an automatic email containing a link to download your purchases.

What does a PDF pattern contain?

Like a paper pattern, PDF patterns contain the assembly instructions illustrated with photos, and the full-scale pattern that you reassemble after printing.

How does it work? 

Once payment is received for your order, you automatically receive an email with the link to download your pattern. Remember to make sure the email address in your Atelier Scämmit account is valid.

The pattern contains:

  • the illustrated assembly instructions
  • the pattern in A4 & US Letter format
  • the pattern in A3 format

Based on your printer configuration, print the pattern in A4, A3 or US Letter format. The explanatory notice does not need to be printed. You can view it on your computer or tablet while you are assembling the garment (better for the environment!)

What printer can I use?

Either a basic family printer or a professional printer (which can often print A3 format). Because A3 sheets are bigger, they make it quicker to reassemble the pattern. Whichever size paper you use, the full-scale pattern will be exactly the same size in the end.

How do I print my PDF sewing pattern?

Once you have chosen the paper format, check the print settings: DO NOT ADJUST PRINT AREA, DO NOT ADJUST SCALING and PRINT ACTUAL SIZE AT 100%.To make sure it will print properly, print only the page with the test square and verify that it measures 5x5 cm.

How do I assemble my printed PDF pattern?

Once you have printed your pattern, cut each page along the lines including the assembly markings (half-circle containing a number and letter). Then match the markings ans tape the sheets together.

You can start by adjusting the length, when necessary, and cut the pattern directly to the size you have chosen.

Are the seam allowances included?

Yes, whether you are using a PDF pattern or a pattern kit, the seam allowances are always included. To facilitate the assembly process, the seam allowance value is specified on the cutting diagram on page 2 of the assembly instructions.

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