You have purchased or are interested in purchasing a sewing pattern in PAPER format but are not sure how it works. The information below will explain and help you take a decision.

What is a paper pattern and what does it contain?

It is a sewing pattern in paper format. Inside the kit, you will find the assembly instructions (a 16-page booklet) illustrated with photos, and a large sheet of folded paper containing all the necessary pieces to make the garment, in full scale, for each different size.

How do I use my paper sewing pattern? Can I cut out the pieces directly from the large sheet of paper?

I make every effort not to overlap, but it cannot always be avoided. Most of my patterns come with a number of variations, which naturally means more pieces to include in the pattern. I recommend that you trace each piece for your garment onto pattern paper (bought in rolls). The tissue-paper type works best because you can see through it for tracing.

Why not print on even bigger paper, to avoid any overlap?

Simply because it is not possible. Printing on paper bigger than A0 format would be a feat in itself but finding a machine to fold such paper would be even harder, as no such machine exists. And I far prefer machine folding over folding by hand, which is not as crisp and clean and gets very tricky in large formats.

How do I trace a sewing pattern?

Unfold the sheet of paper and lay it flat. Highlight each piece that you need for the size you have chosen. Place your pattern paper over it (this is why see-through pattern paper is best), and place weights to hold it flat. Using a pencil, trace each piece.

Are the seam allowances included?

Yes, whether you are using a PDF pattern or a pattern kit, the seam allowances are always included. To facilitate the assembly process, the seam allowance value is specified on the cutting diagram on page 2 of the assembly instructions.

How long until I receive my order?

Once your payment has been received (bank/credit card or wire transfer: more info here), your order will be processed by Atelier Scämmit within 2 to 6 days (not including shipping time). 

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