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My passion for pattern making


Imagine ! My little label began its 9th year in 2023.


It's really crazy ! Sometimes I wonder how I made it this far. It was not precalculated and everything just seemed to fall into place quite naturally.


As long as I can remember, I have always loved creating volumes: in kindergarten, I made little puppets with 100% recycled materials, all kinds of boxes that were always more useful than the older ones (I absolutely had to store my Game Boy properly 😂), patchwork notebook covers, carboard furniture when I was a teen and I could go on…


Sewing was already an important part of my life in my twenties, but I hardly knew how to use a pattern when I decided to continue my studies and learn pattern making after 5 years of college. I was smitten! It was such a fascinating art: drawing in 2D to create a volume in 3D was nothing short of magic. A year of study and a few internships taught me how to design a volume, change it at whim. And it definitely sharpened my already demanding eye.


I worked alone for the first few years of my label. So, among other things, I was in charge of pattern making. However, I struggled with my exacting standards and my (too) little experience. After 2 or 3 years, I turned to experienced pattern makers.



Since 2019, I have been lucky to work with Myriam who has 25 years of pattern making experience. She has worked with Christian Lacroix, Mugler, YSL, Vanessa Bruno, Givenchy, Sonia Rykiel, Chloé, Céline, Paco Rabanne, APC, among others, and I can tell you that she has an extremely sharp eye for detail and thorough knowledge of her subject. . Now she handles most of my designs. We have a wonderful relationship because we speak the same language. As I progress in my work, I know exactly where I want to go and Myriam has a gift for granting my wishes.


That is why you can count on sewing models that fit so well.


However, I remain attentive to any constructive remarks, so do not hesitate to leave an opinion following your purchase ;-) Thank you in advance!



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